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By-Ashley Cox


The College of Southern Maryland’s Cause Theatre performed the dark comedy “All Out” in front of an audience on March 14.

The stage of “All Out” was set up as a television game show in which the Cause Theatre members at the La Plata Campus acted out certain social issues, such as greed and morality, in a comedic way.

Robert Norman from Kingstown, Va., directed the play, and he is a professor who earned his 4-year degree at the University of North Carolina in 2010.

“I suppose the true purpose of the play is to really ask the question as a society, how far is too far?” said Norman.

The characters in the play were forced to compete in certain games in order to ultimately win $1 million. These games included holding on to a machine which tested their pain threshold, striking their loved ones in the face, telling dark secrets, and finally playing Russian roulette with their loved ones.

“I enjoyed the show’s overall message,” said Kheni Wells, an audience member from Waldorf, Md. “The message was to not let greed get to you.” Even though the characters needed the money, living is more important than $1 million, and risking their lives isn’t worth it, said Wells.

The play shows in the end what’s really important and how far people will actually go for money, although it isn’t necessarily the right thing to do, said Anna Henry from White Plains, Md.

Henry played the role of Elaine, who was the loving wife of the character Charley. At the end of the play Charley, played by Frank Bowles, Jr., from Mechanicsville, Md., was willing to risk Elaine’s life for $1 million.

The members of Cause Theatre are encouraging when it comes to other students interested in joining theatre. “Just do it,” said JR Cook, from Lexington Park, Md. There are other ways in which you can help the Cause Theatre such as painting and building sets, said Cook.

The Cause Theatre performs about six shows a semester, which is more than what most four year college universities complete in a semester, said Norman. “Come on in, the door’s always open,” he said.


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