CSM’s Song Writing Workshop

| By Corrine Hickin |


College of Southern Maryland (CSM) presented an opportunity to students passionate about music to have an original song produced professionally on Dec. 1.

CSM’s student association offered a song writing workshop for the third year in a row at the La Plata campus from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. In previous years, students wrote songs about the school itself. This year, participants wrote a song about growth and friendship.

“I think it’s something people really enjoy,” said Kenneth Grazier, vice president of the student association. “It’s something people tend to like to be a part of.”

The workshop brought in a musical duo from Lancaster, Pa: The Billies. Chrisie Santoni and Craig Smith travel across the country, hosting song writing workshops and performing. This is their seventh year on the road.

Santoni invited the students to “just vibe” with the three different tracks that Smith provided for them, and choose one that they collectively enjoyed. From there, she encouraged everyone to write down anything that came to mind and turn it into a song.

“I think [the workshop] allows students interested in the arts to showcase that,” said student Andreana Miller from D.C.

After the group finished their song, Smith announced that he will be producing it and will email it out to anyone that signed up for it on the provided mailing list.

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