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The Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery at the College of Southern Maryland hosts “Drift,” a photo exhibit featuring the work of four artists.


The history of photography in America has often focused on travel, and the “Drift” series focuses on the experience of the journey in four very different ways.


Caleb Charland, from Bangor, ME, has one photo titled, “Paddling Toward a Single Point After Sunset,” in this exhibit.


Charland placed a camera on a tripod inside of the boat and faced it towards the bow as the boat drifted towards the sunset.


He explores the world around him in search of those “Ah Ha” moments that allow us to see something more than an ordinary image.

Brady Robinson, from Baltimore, MD, has seven images on display in a series titled, “Transfer.”


In this collection, Robinson demonstrates the exhibit’s theme by photographing fleeting, or drifting, moments in time with her instant camera and mobile phone.


Robinson shared photographs of birds in flight on a sunny day, feet walking across pavement, the blur of lights on a car as it drives past at night, and several other fleeting moments in time.


Candace Gaudiani, from Menlo Park, CA, has eight works on display in a series titled, “Forty Eight States” that were captured over seven years of travel throughout the U.S.


Gaudiani’s photos were taken on planes, trains and automobiles and were recreated by retracing old routes and memories from traveling in the Fifties.


All of Gaudiani’s photos were framed to appear as if the viewer was looking out of a window while traveling.


She chose images of trees, bridges, rivers, fields, old barns and various buildings to depict the feeling of “drifting” along on this journey through the U.S.


Alexandra Silverthorne, from Washington, D.C., is the curator of this exhibit and has ten works from her “Midnight” series on display.


Silverthorne’s images explore the movement of one’s body as it drifts through an unfamiliar landscape.


These landscapes included a strange back yard with plastic lawn furniture, an old factory, a small white shed and other settings that would cause the traveler to experience a heightened sense of self when encountered.


“What I liked the most was there were four different artists,” said Alex Gilbert, a graphics design major at CSM when asked about his impression of the exhibit.


“Even though they came from different parts of the U.S., when put together they produced a cohesive series despite their different approaches,” said Gilbert.


The Drift exhibition runs through December 14, 2015.


For more information about the exhibit, visit: http://www.csmd.edu/calendar/arts/laplata/Drift,-Alexandra-Silverthrone-Group


For more information about Caleb Charland, visit: www.calebcharland.com


For more information about E. Brady Robinson, visit: www.ebradyrobinson.com


For more information about Candace Gaudiani, visit: www.candacegaudiani.com


For more information about Alexandra Silverthorne, visit: www.alexandrasilverthorne.com

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