Four Photographers Drift to CSM

By: Alex Gilbert

One of the four photographers of an exhibition hosts a lecture that chronicles how their exhibition began its voyage.

CSM’s La Plata Campus is featuring a series called “Drift”. This series features four photographers who captured their journeys through the U.S. One of those photographers and curator, Alexandra Silverthorne of Washington, D.C., gave an hour-long lecture on how this series came to be.

Silverthorne happened to be in Portland, Me at a show in 2013 that featured 40 different artists. Towards the end, she came across Candace Gaudiani from California. “I was struck with what I saw… We had really similar styles… I sent her an email out of the blue to see if she wanted to work together,” said Silverthorne.

To her surprise, she got an answer sooner than expected and thus the show started. She then listed two artists she knew, Caleb Charland from Maine and E. Brady Robinson from Washington D.C, along with Silverthorne’s own work.

But why pick “Drift” as the title? Drift summarizes how each artist chronicles their journey or everyday activities. With Charland, he simply put a camera on his canoe and wanted to see what would happen if he just took a long exposure while drifting to the other side. Or consider E. Brady Robinson, who used a combination of a digital single lens-reflex (DSLR) camera and her iPhone to capture the things we see in the corner of our eyes as we wonder through the world.

After the lecture, a reception followed where Silverthorne answered questions from students and guests of the lecture. The show is currently being held at the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery at the La Plata Campus until Dec. 11. For more information on upcoming shows visit

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