Go Global @ CSM

By Lacy Davis

The College of Southern Maryland offers a Travel Study Program giving students the opportunity to tour the world’s greatest destinations while earning college credits.

Educators around the nation are often looking for ways to give students a better learning experience. At CSM, the focus is often outside the classroom.

“I started making trips to South America to bring culture back to my classroom,” said CSM Professor Carolin McManus. “Now I have the opportunity to bring students to Belize to learn the culture first hand.”

Being aware that most students have financial challenges, Program Coordinator Heather Zeolla said, “You can use your scholarships. You can use student loans. You can use financial aid.”

CSM aims to remove obstacles and provide resources for students to take advantage of the program.

Students interested in participating in the 2015 Travel Study Program must be enrolled in at least nine credits and must have a valid passport.

For more information on CSM’s Travel Study Program, passport and Visa requirements, and deadlines, contact Heather Zeolla at 301-934-2251, x 7016, hzeolla@csmd.edu or visit www.csmd.edu/travelstudy.

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