New Community Education Building

By Ashley Jones

The new Community Education (CE) building at the College of Southern Maryland is now complete with new high-tech classrooms and plentiful staff offices.

After lengthy planning and a delay in construction, nearly eight months behind schedule, the CE building is going to open in spring 2015. The CE building is now the most recent building to be renovated on campus and is one of the oldest original buildings. Grossing 48,416 square feet, it is now one of the biggest and newest buildings on campus.

With 21 new classrooms, including specialized classrooms and computer labs, the new CE building is all about space and function. Instead of cramming students into two or three buildings now they have the opportunity to expand.

The new classrooms are spacious and there are some equipped for special use, such as classrooms that are for the allied health and veterinary tech students. There are other specialized classrooms that will be used by criminal justice and geography studies.

The purpose of the building is to provide not only new classrooms, but better offices for staff and faculty. The new CE building has two conference rooms with video conferencing technology and a tiered lecture hall.

When planning to reconstruct or build, there are many people involved.

“So there is a large team of people here at the college that are involved in planning any building like this… Starting with the president of the college and including faculty and staff,” said Bill Comey, vice president of student and instructional services at CSM. “I was an active member of that team and after we decided what we wanted the building to look like, then we worked with an architect.”

On the other end of the building are numerous staff offices and a reception area. The staff offices are designed to provide the appropriate amount of room for each staff member. The CE building provides new offices for many staff including Continuing Education and Workforce Development, the Social Sciences and Public Services Division, and Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Research.

The building itself is also a hub of sorts for other buildings; it is equipped with a central heating and cooling plant. It is also designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification standards.

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