Student Association General Meeting

| By Venice N. Miller |

College of Southern Maryland Leonardtown Campus Student Association General Meeting (SA) discussed purchasing a new gaming system called a Wee U.
The president of the SA sets the agenda for the meetings. “The SA general meetings cover new and old business,” said Jennifer Van Cory Student Life advisor.
The president put forward old business first, a purchase of a new gaming system called Wee U, for students next semester.


“So students will have more than just the pool table for recreation,” said Kyle Medlock president of the SA.
The SA advisor had concerns about the new gaming system being left unattended in the B Lounge in fear it might be stolen. “I would not feel comfortable putting the new gaming system inside the glass cabinet, because it has been broken into before,” said Van Cory.
The SA president proposed that it be kept in the SA office to ensure it won’t be stolen. The other SA officers agreed.
The vice president also suggested another way to protect the Wee U from being stolen.

“Students will have to show their student i.d. to check out the gaming system,” said Nicholas Combs vice president of the SA.
The president of the SA will put this new Wee U gaming system to a vote at their SA executive meeting.
There were a diverse of students who attended the SA meeting they nodded in agreement with the SA president and vice president on their suggestions.
The new business was not discussed at the meeting because none of the clubs showed up to present any new business.

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